We are all concerned about the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the measures in place are unprecedented and continue to change.

We, at Lott & Company, are closely following the new developments regarding the spread and impact of the COVID-19 virus and are committed to being responsive as the situation evolves. The health and safety of our clients and our employees is our top priority.

Our office remains open at this time, however, we will not be having in-person client meetings. We will, of course, receive documents in our office.  Please call ahead before you drop off any documents.  An alternative is to send your documents via Xpresspost as this method provides you with a tracking number.

If you are not set up on our Client Portal, we encourage you to consider this method of sending and receiving documents.  Our Client Portal has very tight security as SSL Certificates are used to encrypt the files when they are uploaded or downloaded.  This security is much tighter than using email containing password protected documents.  Please contact our office and we can get you set up very quickly.

Lott & Co is well equipped with the technology that will enable us to work from home to ensure our client work stays on schedule and to keep our employees safe.  We are all easily reachable via email or phone.  We will continue to ensure that you receive the quality and timeliness of service that you expect from Lott & Co.

We also encourage you to send in your tax information as soon as possible.  The Federal Government is planning changes to the upcoming tax deadlines to provide more flexibility for businesses and taxpayers.  However, we continue to work towards the current deadlines and appreciate our client’s support in doing the same.

We can appreciate the challenges some of our clients are having with respect to paying their rent or mortgage, other debt obligations, etc.  For small business, the challenge of paying employees with the downward pressure on the economy is quite stressful as well.  We advise you to talk to your banker and service providers to discuss alternate payment plans.  We also strongly suggest that you discuss changes to your staffing, such as layoffs, with an employment lawyer. If you need a recommendation, we have a number of law firms that we can recommend to you.  We, also, understand the Federal Government will be announcing emergency economic measures shortly.

Please remember, we are all in this together and if we can be of assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Be Safe

Lott & Company