Personal Taxes and supporting our Food Banks …

We hope everyone is staying safe and making the most of their time during these questionable circumstances.  We thank all of you that have already submitted your personal tax information to us to complete your 2019 tax returns.  We apologize that it may have taken a little longer this year to complete your returns.  The logistics were a little more challenging this year with all of our staff accountants working from home and the extra time spent monitoring government announcements that seemed to be coming almost daily.

This is a reminder that all personal tax information should be sent to us soon as possible so that we, at Lott & Company, can complete your returns by the June 1st deadline. It is important that we receive all personal tax information by May 8th, at the latest, so that we can ensure that all files are completed by the June 1st deadline.

Please understand that we have a significant number of corporate tax deadlines in May.  Trying to schedule personal tax work around our regular corporate client work and all of the additional corporate work relating to COVID-19 issues could be quite challenging for us.  We may not be able to complete personal tax returns by June 1st, if we do not receive your information by May 8th.

We appreciate and understand how hard it is to keep up with all the information coming at you during this pandemic. It is important that we keep some normalcy throughout our days and stay up to date on all tax filings.

We, at Lott & Company, would also like to do our part to assist people in need during these uncertain times. We also want to give you an incentive to send your information to us.  For every personal tax file that we receive the information by May 8th, including the ones that are already in, we will donate $10 to our local Food Banks.  We already have 350 files in.  We are hoping that all of the remaining ones will arrive by May 8th.

Thank you for relying on us and trusting us throughout this period where there are so many unknowns.

For questions or concerns, you may always contact us through email or by phone. We are here to answer any questions and keep everyone up to date in order to conduct a smooth tax season.

Lott & Company